Walking & Hiking on the island of Krk

We can all agree that the island of Krk is wonderful during summertime, but what we still have to show you is that the island of Krk is just as beautiful during winter. Sunbathing, swimming and beaches are perfect for rest and therefore relaxation. But if you want a more active vacation, we recommend you one hiking or trekking on Croatia’s biggest island. While hiking, learn something about history and how was the lifestyle of our ancestors. Give yourself time to become familiar with history-you won’t regret it. On Krk it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional-there is something for everyone. For instance, in the month of October, Baška is holding two interesting competitions:

1.Krk Island Trail-race that is spreading across spectacular Mjesečevo brdo (Moon’s hill) that offers quite a view for you to enjoy it. Suitable for beginners.
2.Krk Mountain Bike marathon-40 kilometers long race that attracts both tourists and locals who are true adrenaline ‘junkies’. After the race, there is associated festivity (usually called ‘fešta’ by the locals)

On the island of Krk, there are more than 300 kilometers of signposted hiking trails with related maps (maps can be founded in every tourist office). There is a huge variety of trails: trails by the sea, ones that go through olive groves, trails next to the dry stone walls, educational trails… Whichever trail you choose, you will most certainly experience the natural beauty and diversity of our island of Krk.
During the month of April, you can enjoy ‘Putevima šparoga’ (Trails of asparagus), a guided tour through olive groves where you can see the flourishing of asparagus, a famous delight on the island of Krk.
In the month of September, there is a possibility to join trekking guided tours that are part of an event called ‘Volim jesen u Krku’ (I love autumn on Krk)

Some of the hiking trails on the island of Krk:

1.Baška Baška trekking

Baška-Stražica (Mjesec hill)-Hlam and backward (duration: 15 km, 6 hours)
Baška-Bag-cape Skuljica and backward (duration: 8 km, approx. 4 hours)
Baška-Bag-Bracol harbor and backward (duration: 11 km, approx.6 hours)
Baška-Camp Bunculuka- canyon Vrženica and backward (duration: 9 km, approx. 4-5 hours)

2. Punat Punat trekking

Punat-Veli vrh- Punat (duration: 8 kilometers, approx. 6 hours) (there is a possibility to start from Punat-Baška pass)
Punat-Veli vrh- Obzova- Punat (duration: 10 kilometers, approx. 7 hours) (there is a possibility to start from Punat-Baška pass)

3. Vrbnik Vrbnik Map

Vrbnik, climb onto Mali Hlam (446m), duration: 8 km, approx. 4 hours)
Vrbnik, Along the Frankopan dukes road (passes through Vrbnik vineyard to Fortress Gradec); (duration: 25 kilometers, approx. 6 hours)

4. Krk Krk trekking

Krk-Prniba-Krk (duration: 8 kilometers, approx. 2-3 hours)     
Krk-Sansaj-I.Sv.Juraj-Stan Martinov-Runjci-Krk (duration: 12 kilometers, approx. 3,5 hours)

5. Malinska Malinska Bike&Hike

Malinska – Fumak – Čavlena, 10,1 km, 2:30 h
Malinska – Rasopasno , 4,5 km, 1 h
Around  Malinska, 20,1 km , 4,5 h

You can find in your agency all the trails and routes marked on a map. Also, you can download several Apps with Hiking routes:

Krk Hike App
Locus Map App

Camino Krk

In these challenging times, when we don’t have the possibility to travel around the world, Krk offers you a local version of the famous pilgrim route Camino di Santiago – Camino Krk, as the first section of the Croatian Camino route.

It is approx. 130 km long, and divided into 6 days routes, where you can walk the biggest Adriatic island, and get an official Pilgrims certificate.

Good luck and enjoy!

We wish you a safe adventure.

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