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The municipality of Dobrinj is located in the central part of the island, and the centre of municipality is a town of the same name on a 200 m high hillside over the bay of Soline. (...) The sandy bay of Soline (or Klimno bay)is watched by ancient Dobrinj, and sorrounded by the villages Klimno, Čižići, Soline and Meline.(...) The quiet and peaceful village of Čižoći is more oriented towards tourists, although its name is hard to pronounce if you are not a native Croatian speaker. The village of Meline grew up from just one house. (...) At the end of the bay you may find what they call "medicinal mud". Although it is not recorded anywhere exactly what ailments the mud cures, many have been satisfied after testing it on their own skin and come back for more of this oozy therapy.

Source The island of Krk (An illustrated guide)

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