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While many nowadays larger and more important cities were still part of nature, the urban centre of the island was the city of Krk even 3000 years ago. (...) Splendidissima civitas Curictarum - the most splendid city of the people of Krk - is the inscription on an ancient tombstone from the 4th century. Just as it was described long ago, it has remained so splendid right up to today. As opposed to many other places (...), Krk has managed to preserve its heritage and presents it bravely today.

The bathing beaches on Krk were developed from the beginning of the twentieth century, whilst some beaches have only been built in the past few years. From the town harbour along the breakwater towards Ježevac, is one of the newest beaches, and the partially concrete beach attached to the campsite continues from there, followed by several more more landscaped beaches. Further along the coast there are small natural sandy and rocky beaches accessible to anyone who makes a little affort to walk a few kilometres along the coastal paths. On the other side from the way out of the old town there are several bays where the first bathing beaches were built beneath the hotels. The concrete coastline and the sandy ground in the bays attract a large number of bathers in the summer. On the first beach you can rest with a view over the old walls of Krk. Dražica is the second bay, sorrounded by many pine trees and hotels, and further along there are small beaches and bays right up to the nudist camp, after which is the Prniba peninsula. (...)

Source: The island of Krk (An illustrated guide)

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