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Malinska is located in a wooded bay on the west coast of the island, in the region called Dubašnica (based on dub, a Croatian word for the common oak), made up of 19 smaller settlements. (...) It is interesting that this is the only region on the island that did not have an urban centre.(...) The present -day look and the facilities in Malinska are only a continuation of a good tradition of the place that initiated tourissm on the island. One could say that Malinska is hedonistic capital of the island, as everything is dominated by tourist facilities, rest, good food, rich night life...

Owing to the high accommodation capacities, the place is very lively during the season, while its diverse attractions draw guests, especialy young people in search of good time, also from other places of the island. Before and after the season the entertainment is more moderate, so that there tend to be more people who enjoy quiet walks and active rest. You can set off on a bike ride down the road to Porat opposite Malinska, or up the coast towards Njivice. On both sides of the port there are developed and partly paved beaches with diverse attractions related to the water but not only water.(...)

Source: The island of Krk (an illustrated guide)

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