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(...) Punat ... (is) a small town situated in the wide and protected bay of the same name. Thanks to its favourable location, it is well known for its unique marina, the largest on the Adriatic.
Besides the marina(...) this is a region with deep roots in agriculture and olive growing, and the only oil works on the island producing high quality olive oil is located in Punat. (...) Over the past few years tourists have been invited to take part in the olive harvest.
On the landscaped beaches, whether with gravel or partially in concrete, to be found towards the way out of Puntarska draga, there is probably the greatest number of attractions and recreational activities linked to the sea on offer on the entire island of Krk. Here there are cafes, water slides, beach volleyball, table tennis, boats for hire, water scooters, parachutes... If you are good in water-skis you can easily have a great deal of fun, for (...) ski -lift which is right on the road at the bottom of Puntarska draga.
If you are bored with all the attractions and modern entertainment, the sea, salt and crowds of people... peace, quiet and a beautiful view may be found on one of the marked footpaths above Punat.
The small island of Košljun is a unique cultural and historical site which one should be sure to visit during one's stay on Krk. There is a Franciscan monastery on Košljun where the monks have hidden valuable items collected over many centuries and kept them until the present day.

Source: The Island Krk

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