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Njivice is located on the north-west coast of the island of Krk, about ten kilometres from the bridge. Today it is a developed tourist place with all the necessary facilities. Owing to the large, recently built accommodation facilities, this otherwise small fishermen and farmer's place is exceptionally lively with numerous tourists during the season. In addition to the well preserved nature and mild climate, you will be welcomed by numerous opportunities for a quality holiday, various sporting and recreation facilities and of course, a good selection of food and drinks. You will find everything that nowadays attracts numerous guests to choose this place for their vacation. (...)

In the centre there is a small port from which beaches spread to both sides. This is the centre of life with numerous restaurants, coffe bars and pastry shops typical for the smaller places of Hrvatsko primorje. The offer of tourist facilities need not to be easpecially mentioned. We leave the choice and assessment to you, according to your preferences. We are sure you will not miss the right ones. To the north from the port there are hotels and a large campingsite by the sea. It is situated in the shade of a deciduous wood, which is rather rare and on Krk it is also unique. Next to these accommodation facilities there are tennis courts and other recreation facilities appropriate for an active holiday.

The beaches are well kept, pebbled or partly covered with concrete, while outside the place there are natural rocks with little coves. Behind the camp there are beaches used by nudists. On the other side, towards Malinska, mailnly pebbled beaches have been designet to be appropriate for small children, with various playgrounds and with sand, while you can have a refreshing cold drink in one of the coffe bars by the sea. Beach accessories are rented here and there is also a diving school. 

Source: The island of Krk (an illustrated guide)

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